Data centred in Asia Pacific | AirTrunk

A placewhere databuilds tomorrow

AirTrunk combines Asia-Pacific insight and best-in-class data center design to power the companies transforming the world.

The world of tomorrow will be driven by a handful of companies using one resource in smarter ways: data.

And these companies need data centers like them – responsive, innovative and efficient.

We’ve reimagined the data centers of yesterday, and we use our regional expertise to build hyperscale data centers that are more cost-effective, scalable and available.

Data centers where our customers can house the future.


Three reasons why

  • Fast + responsive

    Grows as fast as you.

    We scale fast, so we're ready when you are.


  • Cost effective

    Does more with less.

    We design and build efficient data centers for you.


  • Secure + reliable

    Where data never sleeps.

    We offer 100% availability, so you can be 'always on' for your customers.