• AirTrunk SYD1, Western Sydney.

  • AirTrunk donates decontamination machine to Blacktown Hospital, reducing ward sterilisation times during COVID-19.

  • AirTrunk SGP1, Loyang, Singapore.



AirTrunk is where the cloud meets the ground in the Asia Pacific. We’ve reimagined the data centres of yesterday to meet the needs of today’s most transformational companies to enable a data-driven future. Our customers are changing the way that people interact, transact and learn. They’re shaping the way we live from the cloud.

We design, build, and operate the critical infrastructure that enables our customers to drive this transformational change.

And with such change, comes great responsibility. We are responsible for ensuring a sustainable future for our people, customers, communities and for generations to come.

Aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement, AirTrunk’s sustainability strategy is our long-term commitment to the planet, people, and progress.


At AirTrunk, we’re always looking to find better ways to reduce our impact on the planet and manage resources responsibly.

We’re continuously improving our design and operations to maximise efficiency, and targeting carbon neutrality at all AirTrunk offices and operations.


We believe in enhancing the lives of our team, customers and the wider community.

We strive to uplift all people by making a positive social impact in the communities in which we operate.


Through innovation, growth and transparency we’re helping to shape a progressive and sustainable future.

Based on a foundation of clear principles and sound governance, we’re challenging the status quo to come up with new and better ways.